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Step Two: Contacts

Once you have defined your goals and have an idea of the type of activity you would like to pursue, you can discuss your ideas with trusted advisers and mentors.

Advisers within CIPE

While Fellowship Advisers are the people to talk to about fellowship applications, you can also tap in to the expertise of other advisers within CIPE:

Faculty Advisers

You may want to discuss thoughts with a faculty mentor if:

  • You intend to carry out a research project or apply for funding for graduate study. 
  • You intend to carry out a language program or to undertake a project in a second language.

To connect, do some research and talk to your peers.

You do not have to limit your scope to faculty members you already know. See departmental websites or visit the Research at Yale website. Chat with friends to see who they've worked with or connections they have that align with your interests.

Across Yale's Campus

  • Consult your personal librarian, who will have expert advice on the resources at Yale and other institutions, domestic and international, and how to access them.
  • Engage with the Yale World Fellows who have different areas of expertise.

Your Personal Network

Yale Alumni

Outside Yale

  • Previous employers, community leaders and organizations may be willing to offer you an insight into what to expect and how to plan.
  • If you have a specific region in mind, you may wish to explore and reach out to NGOs or community organizations which operate in the area.