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One-on-one advising appointments with Fellowship Programs advisers are available throughout the calendar year. They are 30 minutes in length and take place during office hours. Appointments can take place in person, via telephone or via Skype.

Drop-In Hours (when classes are in session)

Drop-in hours are held during the semester every Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. when class is in session. The entire fellowships team is on hand to answer quick questions. No appointment is necessary.

Check our calendar of events for details about group advising, workshops, and up-coming application deadlines.

Tip: A note on reviewing Fellowship Proposal Drafts: Please first take a look at these helpful suggestions and then consult with writing tutors at the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning and your faculty adviser. CIPE fellowship advisers are available to discuss your proposal for CIPE administered fellowships during appointments which take place one or more weeks prior to application deadlines.

Question: What topics can I discuss with an adviser?

Why am I required to attend an information session and complete a questionnaire?

What do I need to do to book an appointment?

To book an appointment with a fellowships adviser, you need to:

  1. Have attended a Fellowship Programs information session or workshop (at CIPE or CTL) or, online this semester or last for the fellowship(s) for which you would like to apply.
  2. Fill out, in as much detail as possible, the questionnaire related to the fellowship(s) you are interested in. 

Once you have submitted your questionnaire, the Fellowships team will contact you within 2 business days with a link to book an appointment.

Tip: Appointments to discuss the Richard U. Light Fellowship, a program at Yale for undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students, can be made via the Light Fellowship website.

Tip: Fellowship Programs is able to offer advising to undergraduate students who are considering applying for a CIPE fellowship or an external fellowship which requires Yale endorsement or review.

We also offer advising to those Graduate and Professional Students and Alumni who are considering applying for external fellowships which require Yale endorsement or review.

Yale College

To discuss Yale fellowships through Fellowship Programs, or external awards which require Yale nomination, complete the following steps:

  1. First attend a Fellowships info session (at CIPE or CTL) in person or online.
  2. If attending an online presentation, complete the fellowships assessment and submit the form at the end.
  3. Fill out the pre-advising questionnaire.

For an appointment to discuss the Fulbright, complete the following steps:

  1. First attend a spring-term, in-person Fulbright session, or watch the online presentation. To access the online presentation, complete the registration form.
  2. Fill out the pre-advising questionnaire.
UK and Ireland

To discuss fellowships for postgraduate study in the UK or Ireland, including the UK Fulbright, complete the following steps:

  1. First, attend a spring-term UK info session in person or online. To access the online presentation, complete the registration form.
  2. Fill out the pre-advising questionnaire.