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The Richard U. Light Fellowship

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Photo by Dustin Nguyen, BK '20

About the Richard U. Light Fellowship

The Richard U. Light Fellowship Program was inaugurated in 1996 and provides full funding (transportation, tuition, room and board, and incidentals) for Yale students of exceptional promise to study Chinese, Japanese, or Korean at specifically approved sites in China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. The Light Fellowship is fundamentally committed to intensive language study with the belief that such study abroad provides a tremendous opportunity for students to immerse themselves in new cultures. Light Fellowships are awarded twice each year and are tenable for one Yale semester, an academic year, a summer, or combinations thereof. Deadlines for this fellowship are typically earlier than other fellowships.

Quote: Alongside language classes and cultural immersion, my Light Fellowship experience enabled me to live abroad for the first time and to experience both the joys and challenges of doing so. While difficult, overcoming cultural differences, language barriers, and homesickness made me develop more independence, adaptability, and empathy. Considering I graduate college in 3 years, possessing the ability to adjust to living in a new place will help me in my future endeavors of living and learning abroad.

Elyse Thomas
Richard U. Light Fellow
Osaka, Japan (Summer 2022)