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Why do we ask you to complete these steps?

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Why attend an information session at all, and why a recent session?

  • Group information sessions and workshops let us reach many students at once— and students can learn from each other’s questions and observations.
  • Going over information everyone needs in group sessions means that one-on-one advising discussions can be geared toward your particular questions and applications.
  • We update material regularly, so you have the best information.  (And how much do you really remember from that event you attended three years ago?)

Why do "homework" and send in a questionnaire/résumé/drafts ahead of time?

  • Taking ownership and learning as much as you can are important first steps to success.  We’re here to help when you reach the limits of what you can do on your own.
  • Tackling an application by thoughtfully filling out a questionnaire and/or drafting essays helps you form a better idea of where your application is and what you want to discuss with an adviser.
  • Sending materials in advance helps advisers prepare to make the best use of the half hour we'll have together—we do homework, too.

We want to help as many students as possible, but advising staff and hours are limited.

  • Especially at seasons of peak demand there may only be time for you to have one appointment before a deadline, so we want to make that one appointment as helpful as possible.
  • We’ve found that following these steps helps everyone make the best use of the limited time available.