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Identify Goals

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Step One: Goals

Use the questions below to help you determine the goals that will help define your project. 

What do I need to accomplish?

What do I want to accomplish over the coming semester/ over the coming year/ before I graduate?

  • Finish a language requirement?
  • Experience a specific culture/region?
  • Develop a specific skill?
  • Explore an industry/line of work to inform my future career plans?

What type of experience do I want?

What type of experience would I find most valuable and productive?

  • Academically focused (research, study) or practical (internship, project)?
  • Structured (study abroad program, Yale-organized internship) or unstructured (research, independent project)?

What makes sense for me?

Be honest with yourself about what you are ready for and what your work style is:

  • Are you a self-starter or do you find that you perform better with clearly defined expectations?
  • Are you happy to forge your own way in a new place or would you prefer to have an established community?
  • Is this your first time undertaking a self-directed experience?