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If you are new to the Student Grants Database, it is strongly recommended that you attend an introductory training session to get you started.

We also host refresher sessions every term and you can email or make an appointment to talk about specific changes you would like to make to your existing application(s). Please email if you have any questions.

Pin: View a recorded training session: Yale Student Grants Database Overview for Grant Administrators.

To view a CAS protected  webinar, scroll down to "Sign in with SSO" on the Zoom sign in page.

The resources below provide step-by-step instructions and cover most actions you will need to undertake in the database:

Student Grants Database Admin Basics

How to Retrieve Recommender Access Code

How to Create a Report

How to Download Applications

How to Change Applicant Status or "Unsubmit" an Application

How to Enter Initial or Final Awards

How to Use the Committee Function

Note: The resources available above may not all apply to you and how you use the database. If you have any additional questions or have suggestions for other tutorials or training sessions, please email


Need Help?

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