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Getting Started

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Take your Time

Preparing a fellowship application involves a lot more than the submission of application materials. The application materials themselves are usually the result of several months of research, preparation and planning. Dedicating time to this phase not only makes for a stronger application but it also pays off later on, when you are actually undertaking the activity you had hoped to do.

The Planning Process

The planning process is different for everybody but usually involves asking yourself a few questions to establish a plan, which in turn will result in a full set of thoughtful application materials.

The planning process usually involves:

Once you have determined these elements, you will be ready to start searching for fellowship competitions for which you may be eligible to apply. Watch the video above for a walkthrough of the planning process.

Creating your Application

Finally, you will draw upon the information you have gathered and the preparation you have done to craft your application materials.

Tip: For guidance on creating application materials, see How to Apply.

Planning Toolkits

For advice and resources for designing and applying for funding, visit the planning toolkits.