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Planning Research Projects

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Planning Humanities/Social Science Research for Summer Fellowships

Planning a Humanities/Social Science research project for a summer fellowship takes time and there are some key steps you need to take along the way:

  • Establishing what you will be researching, why and how
  • Carrying out a literature review
  • Establishing relationships with faculty members, organizations and communities
  • Understanding the context of your research project
  • Giving yourself time to do all these things

Use the video workshop above as a starting point. 

Chapters and activities in the video workshop

The beginning of each chapter is flagged in the video timeline.

Chapter  TitaleTitlTitle Timestamp
Chapter 1 What, why, and how?  
  Activity - Focus on you - what, why, and how? 0:31
Chapter 2 Carrying out a literature review  
  Activity - Focus on the field - how does your research fit into the field? 3:01
  Activity - Carrying out a Literature Review 7:31
Chapter 3 Establishing relationships  
  Activity - Creating a research summary for a faculty adviser 7:41
  Activity - Preparing to contact organizations and communities 10:57
Chapter 4 Contextual and ethical considerations  
  Activity - Ethical considerations 12:33
Chapter 5 Planning timeline for summer fellowships  
Chapter 6 Connect with us!  

Don't hesitate to reach out to the library, the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, Fellowship advisers and faculty members along the way.

Note: The most important relationship you will have while planning research is with a faculty supervisor.

Once you have done the groundwork, you will be ready to articulate your research in a fellowship proposal.