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Tip: Did you know that you can search the Yale Student Grants Database by class year to find fellowships for which you are eligible?


For First-years, Sophomores, and Juniors

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A Note for Juniors!

Junior year is a good time to begin to explore postgraduate fellowship opportunities. Some application deadlines for postgraduate fellowships occur in junior year.

For Seniors

Questions to be asking

  • What are your goals for after graduation? Career, gap year experience, research, independent project, internship, graduate/professional school, no clue!
  • Will a postgraduate fellowship help achieve your goals?
  • How will the funded experience fit into your longer-term plans and aspirations?

Note: Engaging thoughtfully with the application process will help you with future applications, whether for fellowships, graduate or professional school, or jobs. Even if you don't win!

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Self-designed Projects
Structured Experiences

Quote: What do you care about? What are your goals? What is the change that you want to make in the world? Over the course of my application, I went from feeling unsure about the future to having a purpose, a direction, a path (not a path paved in stone, but a path nonetheless). It truly is a valuable process, and one that I don’t think I would have undergone without the structure of an application.

— Cody McCoy, BR '13

Graduate and professional school

For Yale Graduate and Professional Students

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Yale and outside fellowship resources
Other Yale resources

Fulbright US Student Program
While Fellowship Programs works with graduating seniors applying for the Fulbright, graduate and professional students may reach out to Dean Richard Sleight ( for Fulbright advice.

Yale Graduate and Professional School Resources:
Fellowships through CIPE

Find details of campus application deadlines and requirements for these via the Yale Student Grants Database:

Fellowship Programs advising for Yale graduate and professional students

The Office of Fellowships offers advice on the fellowships listed above and, time-permitting, we also offer advising on other fellowships for postgraduate study in Britain and some other external awards, including the Schwarzman Scholars Program and the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans.  Graduate students can also contact Dean Richard Sleight ( in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for additional support.

For alumni

Questions to be asking

  • What might you hope to do with the support of a fellowship?
  • How does this fit into your longer-term plans and aspirations?
  • What makes most sense for you?

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Self-designed Projects
Internship, Job, or Volunteer Opportunities
Graduate and professional school
  • Look for programs that suit your preparation, interests, longer term goals, and future aspirations. Seek out a Yale professor in the relevant field for advice.
  • Where are the best places to study what you're hoping to? (If graduate study in the United Kingdom or Ireland sounds like a good idea, find further advice here.)
  • If professional school interests you, you'll find great advice at the Office of Career Strategy.
Find funding for graduate or professional school:


Fellowship Programs offers one-on-one advising appointments, essay review (when permitted), and interview prep for Yale College alumni about:

We offer remote and in-person advising.

Tip: The fall calendar is very crowded and advising spots are usually fully booked from late August until early October. When possible, book an appointment during the summer.

Although we're always glad to help if we can, Yale College alumni who are current graduate or professional students elsewhere are wise to seek fellowship advice from that institution (except in the case of fellowships requiring application through the undergraduate institution). 

Additional Resources

Connect with advisers at the Yale Office of Career Strategy to explore Career Options and discuss Applying to Graduate & Professional School.

Search for funding outside of Yale on one of many External Funding Databases.