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Award Language/s Eligibility/Details Year Deadline
Richard U. Light Fellowship* Chinese, Japanese,
Full funding for language study in China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.
Awarded twice each year: Semester, academic year, summer, or combination.
Attending an info session and completion of one year of applicable language study required
First-year, Sophomore
Junior, Senior
& January
Critical Language Scholarship Arabic, Korean, Russian,
other critical languages
US citizens only. Not eligible for study in Western Europe.
Intensive, highly structured summer programs.
Some languages have minimum proficiency requirements.
First-year, Sophomore
Junior, Senior
Fund for Education Abroad Any language or program US citizens only.
Program must be at least 4 weeks & for credit.
Preference to first-generation & minority students.
First-year, Sophomore
Boren Undergraduate Scholarships 60+ priority languages US citizens only.
Not eligible for study in Western Europe.
8- week summer funding only available to STEM majors.
Preference for critical languages and 6+ month programs.
First-year, Sophomore
O'Leary Cepeda Summer Fellowship* Language study in
Latin America
Funds up to $1,000 for language study and study-related travel in Latin America.
Must be at least 8 weeks, except for study abroad programs.
First-year, Sophomore
Yale College Class of 2004 Fellowship* Spanish Funds up to $1,000 for study in a Spanish-speaking country. First-year, Sophomore
Flas - European Studies* European languages US citizens only. 6 weeks minimum.
Funds up to $7,500 for intermediate or advanced language study.
Women and ethnic/racial minority groups are encouraged to apply.
First-year, Sophomore
MacMillan Center Fellowships
For Language Study
Any non-East Asian
language or program
Summer awards fund up to $5,000 for tuition and
$2,500 for living expenses; 6 weeks minimum.
Academic year funds up to $18,000 in tuition and
$15,000 in living expenses.
Undergraduate and graduate students March & May
South Asian Studies Council Grants For Language Study* Southeast Asian languages Intensive language study at approved programs in South Asia,
or in the United States.
Preference given to longer terms of study.
Undergraduate and graduate students March
South Asian Language Fellowship* South Asian
Funds up to $6,000 for intensive South Asian language
study at approved programs in South Asia or USA.
Undergraduate and graduate students March
Keggi-Berzins Fellowships* Baltic languages Funds up to $2,000 for Baltic language study.
Also eligible for research or an internship in a Baltic country.
Junior, or graduate students
Tristan Perlroth Prize
For Summer Foreign Travel
Any language or program Funds up to $6,000 for formal language study in any language. Sophomore or

* Yale competition/nomination process. Visit the Yale Student Grants Database for exact deadlines.

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