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Advising Students on Fellowships

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How you can make a difference

A trusted mentor can have a significant impact on the refinement of a student's ideas in such a way that they will make a real success out of a fellowship experience. While students can make individual appointments with Fellowship Programs advisers to discuss their options, speak about their goals, and get feedback on their draft proposals, the mentors who know them well are best poised to offer advice based upon students' demonstrated interests, academic performance, etc.

Fellowships for research or graduate school

Students applying for these opportunities will need guidance from someone with expertise in their field of study. Think back to when you were a budding anthropologist, historian, or chemist. What do you wish someone had told you as you took your first independent steps into the field? What methodological and theoretical issues should the student consider? How should the student best approach making contacts in the field? What should the student read or what classes should s/he take to prepare? Does a proposed research project require consideration by the Human Subjects Committee?

The fellowships process at Yale 

There are a large number of Yale-only fellowships to support summer (and some term-time and postgraduate) activities. Many of these are administered by Fellowship Programs (part of CIPE), but there are other sources of funding to be found throughout the University. The Yale Student Grants Database is the single best resource to help students search for these options, as well as for information about outside awards which require a campus application process. While many external competitions are administered completely outside the University, a fair number are run through Fellowship Programs to allow for required university nominations and evaluations (including, but not limited to, the Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, and Fulbright - find a list here).

Note: We're here to support the work you do: Fellowship Programs offers information sessions, workshops, individual advising appointments, and other resources for students interested in applying for fellowships.