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What can I discuss?

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What topics can I discuss with an adviser?

Fellowships advisers offer one-on-one advising on:

What if I just want to know what my fellowship options are?

  • Explore the online resources here.  (Did you know the Yale Student Grants Database is searchable by class year?)
  • Come to a Fellowship Programs information session, where we'll outline options, questions to be asking, and resources available. These are seasonal: sessions about summer fellowships take place in the fall, in advance of early spring deadlines, and most sessions about postgraduate fellowships take place in the spring, in advance of late summer and fall deadlines. (View our calendar.)

What if I have questions about a Yale fellowship not offered through Fellowship Programs?

  • If a fellowship is offered by another office on campus, someone there will be better able to answer your questions.  / Contact details are listed for every fellowship in the Yale Student Grants Database (simply click through the grant title for full details, and scroll down).
  • Advice and resources for applying for other external awards can be found here.
  • Fellowship Programs' online advice about planning and applying for fellowships and our workshops should still be helpful, and we hope you'll make good use of these. Additionally, if you're looking for advice on a draft proposal remember that: the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning offers a wealth of writing resources to current students, and faculty in the relevant field will have the best advice about research proposals (especially for senior essays and graduate school).