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International Summer Award (ISA)

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Photo by Hunter Roman, Hopper '19

What is the ISA?

The International Summer Award (ISA) provides a stipend for one summer experience abroad for eligible undergraduate students receiving a Yale scholarship.

  • The ISA provides a percentage of the program budget, based on the student's need for financial aid in 2018-2019.
  • Students participating in an ISA eligible program may be eligible for ISA funding.
  • The maximum amount of ISA funding will not exceed $12,500, even for a student with 100% aid participating in a program with a budget of more than $12,500. 

The ISA can help fund these ISA eligible programs*:

  • Non-Yale Summer Abroad programs for which students have been approved by the Study Abroad Office to receive credit
    • Note that students participating in the London School of Economics' Summer School must enroll in two back-to-back 3-week sessions and complete each course by earning a final grade. The ISA CANNOT be used to fund a single 3-week session or courses that are not completed for a grade.
  • An independently-secured international internship or an international internship with a third-party provider for which students have been approved by the Office of Career Strategy of eight or more weeks in duration (see OCS website for details)
  • Yale in London summer courses
  • Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad.
    • Note that the ISA only covers expenses related to the overseas portion of faculty-led programs. If you are participating in a program which begins in New Haven, your costs on campus will not be included as part of the ISA award calculation.

*Note that in addition to applying for the ISA by the ISA deadline, you must also follow and adhere to deadlines for the ISA-eligible approved programs. For deadline information about ISA-eligible programs, please visit the program websites.

Note: The ISA deadline is May 1, 2019. (ISA applications open February 1, 2019)

Learn More About the ISA

This interactive presentation provides an overview of the ISA.

Quote: This program has changed my outlook, and I feel more encouraged now to pursue theater professionally. (...) I would not have been able to participate if I did not receive the Yale International Summer Award. I thank all the donors who made this experience for me possible.

ISA recipient '16
Theater Studies Major
BADA Midsummer in Oxford
Summer 2014