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Fellowships for Seniors

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Photo by Veeraya Tanawattanacharoen, PC '19
Preparing a fellowship application involves a lot more than the submission of application materials. The application materials themselves are usually the result of several months of research, preparation and planning.
Photograph by Patrick Lynch
Learn what's involved in applying for fellowships, and get guidance to help you prepare a strong application. Approached correctly, the application process itself can be valuable, whether or not you win a given fellowship.
Photo by Allen Wang, BR '18
We offer advice and resources to help you search for fellowships, whether Yale-funded or external, for a range of purposeful activities over the summer, during the academic year, or after graduation. The Yale Database is just the start.

Questions to be asking

While it's important to give serious thought to what you might like to do in the world and what kind of career you might hope to pursue, don't worry if you're still figuring things out. Start with the first step or two after graduation.

Quote: What do you care about? What are your goals? What is the change that you want to make in the world? Over the course of my application, I went from feeling unsure about the future to having a purpose, a direction, a path (not a path paved in stone, but a path nonetheless). It truly is a valuable process, and one that I don’t think I would have undergone without the structure of an application.

— Cody McCoy, BR '13

Whether or not you win a fellowship, engaging thoughtfully with the application process will stand you in good stead with future applications, whether for fellowships, graduate or professional school, or jobs.

If you're considering postgraduate fellowships

What might you hope to do with the support of such a fellowship? How might this fit into your longer-term plans and aspirations? What makes most sense for you?

Self-designed projects

Structured experiences

Graduate and professional school

  • If graduate school sounds like a good idea, look for the best programs to suit your preparation, interests, and future aspirations. There is no better sources of advice about graduate school than professors in the relevant field, especially those who have taught you or supervised research. Where are the best places to study what you're hoping to, and what makes sense given your longer-term goals and aspirations? (If graduate study in the United Kingdom or Ireland sounds like a good idea, find further advice here.)
  • If professional school sounds like a good idea, you'll find great advice at the Office of Career Strategy.
  • If you're looking for funding for graduate or professional school, check funding and financial aid information provided by the schools to which you're applying, and explore our advice about searching for fellowships and the list of selected outside fellowships.