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Fellowships for Juniors

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Photo by Veeraya Tanawattanacharoen, PC '19
Preparing a fellowship application involves a lot more than the submission of application materials. The application materials themselves are usually the result of several months of research, preparation and planning.
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Learn what's involved in applying for fellowships, and get guidance to help you prepare a strong application. Approached correctly, the application process itself can be valuable, whether or not you win a given fellowship.
Photo by Allen Wang, BR '18
We offer advice and resources to help you search for fellowships, whether Yale-funded or external, for a range of purposeful activities over the summer, during the academic year, or after graduation. The Yale Database is just the start.

Summer Projects, Senior Essays, Life after Graduation, and More

The summer before your senior year is an excellent opportunity for you to carry out research in preparation for your Senior Essay. You may also have developed advanced language skills and be seeking an opportunity to put them to use. Alternatively, you may be interested in pursuing an internship in order to gain experience in a professional field in which you might be interested in the longer-term.

Believe it or not, junior year is also a great time to begin to explore postgraduate fellowship options to support graduate study, self-designed projects, and a host of other things. Application deadlines for some of these may fall as early as in the fall of junior year, so start looking early: search for fellowships open to juniors and seniors and come to a Fellowships information session (see our calendar).

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See what others have done with Yale fellowships and what they have to say about applying for external fellowships, check out fellowship options, find support for research, and consider career paths for the future: