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Fellowships for First-Year Students and Sophomores

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Preparing a fellowship application involves a lot more than the submission of application materials. The application materials themselves are usually the result of several months of research, preparation and planning.
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Learn what's involved in applying for fellowships, and get guidance to help you prepare a strong application. Approached correctly, the application process itself can be valuable, whether or not you win a given fellowship.
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We offer advice and resources to help you search for fellowships, whether Yale-funded or external, for a range of purposeful activities over the summer, during the academic year, or after graduation. The Yale Database is just the start.

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In your first and sophomore years, you may be looking to develop your skills in a new language, or experience a specific culture for the first time. Your first and sophomore years are also a good time for you to explore areas of academic or professional interest which may inform the choices you make later on at Yale. Fellowships can help you add to your education at Yale and far beyond.

Undertaking a self-designed research or public service project, or an unpaid internship with the support of fellowship funding is just one possibility for your summer. For opportunities including structured study abroad and Yale co-ordinated internship programs, explore the CIPE website.

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Tip: Did you know that you can search the Yale Student Grants Database by class year to find fellowships for which first-year students or sophomores are eligible?