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Fellowships Explained

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Photo by Frida Gutierrez, BF '20

What Are Fellowships?

Fellowships are competitive, merit-based monetary awards that support a wide range of purposeful activities. These include:

  • Research
  • Internships
  • Projects
  • Study Abroad

CIPE Fellowship Programs offers a large number of Yale-specific fellowships and administers the campus application process for many external fellowships, but there are also fellowships administered elsewhere on campus, as well as outside Yale. Not sure where to begin your search? Let us help.


Yale is fortunate to have many alumni and friends willing to fund a range of purposeful student activities. All fellowships have specific eligibility requirements which are determined by the intentions of the generous donors who provide funding for particular purposes, often related to their interests, expertise or experiences. 

You are encouraged to apply for as many fellowships as your project is eligible for, whilst being wary of spreading yourself too thinly. It is usually more productive to spend time applying thoroughly and thoughtfully to a few fellowships than to apply hastily and haphazardly to a large number.


Fellowships, whether Yale-funded or external, are always competitive. There is never enough funding to support every strong application received. When applying for fellowships, you are advised to also consider other options, such as alternative funding sources if you are not awarded a fellowship, or an alternative activity if you would be unable to carry out your proposed project without the support of fellowship funding.


Regardless of whether or not you are awarded a fellowship, the process is useful. The CIPE Fellowships application process is intentionally aligned closely to the application processes of many of the large, external competitions. Students who wish to apply for graduate and professional school and/or the larger, external competitions often feel better prepared if they have applied to CIPE fellowships in the past. The fellowship application process also encourages you to develop skills which will come in useful when applying for jobs, such as articulating your intentions and motivations, planning and executing projects and effective budgeting.


Yale fellowship funding is not available for reimbursement of lost wages or funding toward the Student Income Contribution.

Students should be aware that CIPE fellowship funding is not available for, and Yale fellowship funding outside of CIPE is rarely available for, the following:

  • Spring break travel, whether for individual or group activities
  • Winter break travel
  • Travel for activities of less than one month
  • Travel to attend meetings and conferences
  • Short term (less than one month) individual or student-led group activities